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Hanlon Industries is the national leader in manufacturing and installing outdoor advertising structures.

As qualified commercial builders, we boast a strong industry reputation for all types of billboards and signage solutions. Our national workshop coverage allows us to efficiently manage projects across various locations, ensuring timely delivery and consistent quality, no matter where you are. This network of workshops also enhances our flexibility in responding to site-specific challenges and client needs swiftly.

Our diverse range of skills enables us to deliver complete signage projects from engineering design through to fabrication, manufacturing, site installation and maintenance of:

  • Billboards – Digital and Static
  • Retail advertising
  • Street Furniture
  • Rail advertising
  • Airports advertising
  • National roll outs

We pride ourselves on meeting the unique needs of each project. Our smart design and planning consider the size of location of the sign, the intricacies of the site and your specific objectives.